Episode 3

Published on:

13th Oct 2022

Ladies In the Lead - Meet Shae Becker

In this week's episode we meet Shae Becker. Currently a 4th year pharmacy student at the University of Iowa, a full-time athlete on the row team, she knows how to manage the details and make things happen. I've watched her year after year show and she is a force. She's competitive, smart, and knows what it takes to get one to the backdrop. (Reserve Grand Champion FFA Market Hog at the Iowa State Fair proves what she can achieve.). So when it came to her last summer in the barn, she focused with fewer hogs and bigger goals.

She is a leader, a mentor, and doesn't take it for granted. Her parents, her sisters have been the foundation of her success, her hard work and dedication have taken her to the next level.

Shea has the edge... I can't wait for you to hear all about it!

Season 2.. Episode 3... Miss Shae Becker

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