Episode 2

Published on:

6th Oct 2022

Ladies in the Lead - Meet Molly Mormann

In this week's episode we meet Miss Molly Mormann. A native from Manchester, Iowa, an Iowa State Grad, a cattle producer, and a Business Marketer! She is professional, hard working, and committed to promoting agriculture. I love that she sees "stock show" as being confident, respectful and presenting yourself in your best light.

When we met I found her on the farm doing what she loves most, raising show cattle, watching Iowa State football, and working in the feed industry. When we talked our conversation made me think. It's hard to know the answers to life, how our journey will unfold. I love how she is taking it step by step to figure it out.

She is the co-creator of my logo! Her marketing talents are just one thing you are going to love! She's smart, talented, and on her way. Season 2.. episode 2... Miss Molly Mormann!

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