Episode 4

Published on:

20th Oct 2022

Ladies in the Lead - Meet Casey Anderson

In this week's episode we meet Mrs. Casey Anderson. Casey grew up showing heifers and loved the Junior National Simmental scene. The best part for her... the contests! In fact, during her first Junior Nationals she didn't even take a calf, she went for the experience.

She is the Co-Chair of the Iowa Governor's Charity Steer Show and knows the impact this show has. She's proud of achieving huge fundraising goals, but what the Ronald McDonald House does for families, is what makes Casey most proud. As she says, "Who can't get onboard with that?"

She is smart, daring, and ready to try new things. My favorite part, her edge; a continual learner. I just melted. I can't wait for you to hear this amazing conversation with Casey Anderson.

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