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27th Jul 2023

Ladies In the Lead - Meet Kate, Kyndall, and Kennedy Burns

Ladies in the Lead .... Meet Kate, Kyndall, and Kennedy Burns! Excitement doesn't even begin to cover my emotions as I kick off the summer season with this powerful Mother/Daughter trio!

Honestly, I've been wanting to talk to Kate for over a year! She is someone that has been an icon for what teamwork, passion, and stock show family looks like. A cosmetologist by trade, she takes what she creates in the salon and works her magic at home. Kate is modest when she says, "Yeah I just take what I know and apply it in the barn. :)". So don't let that comment fool you, the calves look amazing! She is known for her ability to grow hair!

While some think fashion, hair, and makeup are best left out of the show ring, Kate talks about how fashion and beauty help to create the best version of ourselves. I love how she makes the connection for women and empowers clients to be their best. It's powerful.

The girls are forces of energy and excitement. They are open and freely spoken. They know their goals, their cows, and their love for dogs. Kyndall is a force in the showing and gives great advice, if I'm calm she'll, (her heifer), stays calm." Kennedy loves her time in the cooler, daily rising at 5:30 AM. She's excited to show and begin her own stock show journey.

Kate's edge.. goal setting. She knows how to break it down. Everyone's favorite part of stock show.. the family of friends and the connections you make. To be welcomed, have big goals, and those that want the best for you and your kids, there's nothing like it.

I can't wait for you to get to know them!

(Burns Angus had a huge win at Junior Nationals this year, raising the Grand Champion Angus Steer. I have no doubt that the girls were right there cheering on the final slap.)

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