Episode 6

Published on:

3rd Nov 2022

Ladies In The Lead - Meet Cassidy Moore!

In this week's episode we meet Cassidy Moore. Stay tuned as the podcast ends, you'll hear we jump right in with a funny, but let's be honest, truthful story of how the trailer lot in Kansas City needed help! After 4 hours of waiting, this Lady in the Lead stepped out and got things moving! I love it!

Cassidy is an example of what it means to give back. Always committed to a high level of excellence, she shows us how important it is to volunteer, both locally and at the State level. She never forgets where it all started but definitely sees herself on the bigger stage. She knows the importance of staying involved anyway she can. I think it's a great reflection on how she's stock shows .... She gets and keeps things moving. She is a difference maker, a leader. She's smart, open and ready to once again start a new chapter. I can't wait for you to meet her..., so let's get started... Cassidy Moore!

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